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Sean Pollock
Local 161 Script Supervisor


Hearts Beat Loud
The Boy Downstairs
Before the Border
The North Star
EGG (add’l)
Hot Air (add’l)
Asockalypse! (2nd Unit)
Hello Again (add’l)
Write When You Get Work (add’l)
How To Be A Man (2nd Unit)
Her Composition (add’l)
Heaven on Their Minds



City On A Hill S1, Even Eps.
Elementary S7, Even Eps.
FABLED "D as in Delta" "Anodyne"
SNL S43 "The Game of Life, DACA Ed."
MTV's Joking Off, S2 & S3
Freestyle Love Supreme
In Between Men, S2
The Code, S1 (2nd Unit)
Elementary, S5 & S6 (2nd Unit)
Billions, S1 & S3 (add’l)
Daredevil, S1 (add’l/2nd Unit)
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,
S13 (add’l)
L'il Bub's Special Special
Legal Aids, Pilot

COmmercials /

260+ ADs, Promos,
Web Content

Representative Production offices: Arts & Sciences, Big Block, BPS, Caviar, CMS, CollegeHumor, Coverdale, Decoupage, Ghost Robot, gravy, Greenpoint Pictures, Honor Society, Hound,  HumbleTV, IKA, Molijo, Monogram, N˚, Park Pictures, Picture Farm Productions, Pink Riot Films, Radley, RSA, sadievision, Vacationland, Vaynermedia and more.





Sean Pollock is a script supervisor, writer, director, all-around-do-it-yourself-artist, producer---- Lives in Harlem, the greatest neighborhood in the greatest city in the world with one husband, a Chiweenie, a Foxhund and one tenant.

Prior lives; actor, waiter, lighting technician, designer, bum, T-shirt and poster-seller, bookseller, aquatics coordinator, aquatics director, Venezuelan program school director, artistic director, chief operating officer, I.T./office consultant, and game show contestant.

Sean is......
— Anon

Current projects in production / development as Writer, Director and/or Producer:

Running with Bad Company
(play; written by Sean Pollock)

Before she died Anna Clara (aka Clara Ann) spoke into a cassette recorder leaving behind an oral history of her family. While the stories about her distant ancestor, Lew Wetzel, an adventurer whose tales were eclipsed by those of Davy Crockett, and the saga of the woman she called her "Bear-killer Grandmother," are exciting; it is the woman herself who is the most compelling character. Her Victorian demeanor cannot hide the theatricality of her story-telling. 'Running with Bad Company' is a re-telling of her stories in her own words as well as the way they were heard by her grandson as a toddler, and then as heard at 40. 
(In production)

Running with Bad Co.png

(documentary film; directed/produced by Sean Pollock)

How do you have a relationship with a dead guy? What if you were brought together with your friends because of a man who died and you never met him? Do you try to discover who he was even if you can never meet him? Confluence, a feature length documentary, through interviews and locales, tries to bring an understanding of how one person can become friends with his spouse's late partner.
(In production)


This drawing was sent to me from a young colleague starting out as a script supervisor. I felt the same way when I was referred to my first job.

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