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Sean Pollock
Local 161 Script Supervisor


Hearts Beat Loud
The Boy Downstairs
Before the Border
The North Star
EGG (additional)
Hot Air (additional)
Asockalypse! (2nd Unit)
Hello Again (additional)
A+ (additional)
How To Be A Man (2nd Unit)
Her Composition (additional)
Heaven on Their Minds



MTV's Joking Off, Seasons 2, 3
Freestyle Love Supreme
In Between Men, Season 2
Elementary, Season 5 (Insert Unit)
Billions, Season 1 (additional)
Daredevil, Season 1 (2nd Unit)
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,
Season 13 (Additional)
L'il Bub's Special Special
Legal Aids, Pilot

COmmercials /

200+ Commercials, Promos, and
Web Content

Production offices include Arts & Sciences, Big Block, BPS, Caviar, CMS, CollegeHumor, Coverdale, Decoupage, Ghost Robot, gravy, Greenpoint Pictures, Honor Society, Hound,  HumbleTV, IKA, Molijo, Monogram, N˚, Park Pictures, Picture Farm Productions, Pink Riot Films, Radley, RSA, sadievision, Vacationland, Vaynermedia





Sean Pollock is a digital script supervisor, writer, director, all-around-do-it-yourself-artist, producer---- Lives in Harlem, the greatest neighborhood in the greatest city in the world with one husband, one French Bulldog, one Jack Russell and one tenant.

Prior lives; actor, waiter, lighting technician, designer, bum, T-shirt and poster-seller, bookseller, aquatics coordinator, aquatics director, Venezuelan program school director, artistic director, chief operating officer, I.T./office consultant, and game show contestant.


Sean is......
— Anon

Current projects in production / development:

"Running with Bad Company" - Producer/Playwright – “Running With Bad Company” – a one-act play about an oral historian and the legacy and accuracy of her tales

"Confluence" - documentary about a relationship with a dead person

"Heaven On Their Minds" - feature-length documentary directed by Shannon Park



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