More and more we're treasuring travel. The U.K. will always be a favorite. Africa is next on our list.

Western Pennsylvania

Sean grew up with hills and forests along the Allegheny River. Today there are hiking trails both well-maintained and overgrown. An abandoned railway parallels a  feeder creek, Bear Creek, to the river. Although it is weedy, there are treasures to be found in the deteriorated tracks.

Bike along the river and you'll find the Rockland Tunnel near Emlenton. It's about 1/2 mile long with a wide curve at the south end. Barely any light guides you through the damp. Make sure you have your own light or feel your way as your tires click over the reflectors on the path. Funny thing about reflectors. They need light to work.

Farther North is Lake Erie, the smallest yet deepest of our Great Lakes. The city of Erie grew as a shipping center. Today there is revitalization in industries unimagined even 30 years ago. Film production and cyber businesses come to mind. It's also the only place in the English-speaking world that curiously spells diner with an 'o'.

Point State Park at the convergence of three rivers is worth a walk and a relaxing sit.

Sean Pollock